Live - Production - Interactive - Share

Gifted with a passion for visual art, I have had the immense privilege to work with innovative companies, international universities, famous artists and festivals. Each project embarks on a new adventure, where visuals and audiences together must be challenged by creative concept and imaginative form.

Under my name CloneProduction, I wish to share with the artistic community and the general public. Art can and should be made anywhere people are, which is why I showcase my work in all kinds of venues to enrich and connect with the people at large : corporate events, art galleries, music festivals and educational institutions.

Often called by very demanding clients from across the globe, I desire to be the partner of choice for innovative projects. i always strives for creativity, technicality and perfection by collaborating with highly skilled and experienced peoples and organisations : agencies, brands, promoters, teachers and professional artists.

Visual art speaks to the people and can profoundly impact the human emotion.


Live visuals performed in club, festival or recorded in studios with professional music artists.


Production of high quality mixed media art work recorded for VJs and video professionals.


Interactive installation and application controlled with human body and digital surfaces.


Sharing knowledge, discover and design method through workshops and classes with the youth.


Visualist - Creative Coder - Interaction Designer